Chipping hammers

The chipping hammers are used in masonry for the following works: facades, preparation of the walls and floors, roughening, small demolition (cement, tiles, renderings,coatings), cleaning concrete castings, formworks, concrete mixers...

They can also be used in the stone work, the engravement, but also in steel industry for deburring, cleaning furnaces and removing the remaining castings.

Pick hammers

Pick hammers are used in the building for masonry and demolition works in concrete. In public works, they are mainly used for asphalt work, for taking up the paving and in compact grounds.

They can be used horizontally to work on the walls and vertically to work on the floor.


Paving breakers

The paving breakers are used in demolition work, masonry, asphalt works and in solid ground. They are also used in the preparation of the building site like tracing on the floor before the hydraulic shovels dig and excavate.

They are characterized by a weight superior or equal to 15 kg, a two-hand gripping system called T-handle and a latch retainer.