The group
Favre was created in 1946 and now belongs to BBG GmbH, an Austrian industrial company specialized in the production of pneumatic hammers,  pneumatic and hydraulic tap hole drilling devices for steel- and non-ferrous furnaces, machines for the repair of tap holes of electric furnaces and steel converters as well as special products for the mining industry. Favre focused on its two main activities: manufacturing and distribution of pneumatic tools for drilling and demolition and special machines for steel industry. The two companies employ around 70 people.

The trade
The group manufactures pneumatic tools fitted for demolition and construction works. The tools include 4 ranges of pneumatic hammers: pick hammers, drifters, paving breakers and plug hammers.
The range of tools for interventions in the blast furnaces are not distributed by Favre but by BBG.

Depending on the world's areas
Favre designs and markets different tools adapted to the practices of the various countries where the company is present. For the same capacity and strength of demolition, the "latin" technician prefers pneumatic tools with a higher number of blows per minute.Other operators in Europe prefer a lower number of blows per minute with more powerful blows.

In Africa, the heavier hammers are still the most appreciated.

Distributed trademarks

« ROCKAIR » is the leading brand, still succesfull, who built the company fame. Two other brands of hammers complete our offer to our customers on the markets of building and civil engineering works, mining industry as well as quarry industry. One of them is named FAVRE, from the name of the French company Favre Sarl, to extend the "success-story". The second one is named " BBG" from the name of the Austrian company BBG GmbH. They do not compete with themselves and even prove complementary. Favre machines accept, for tools, all the main shanks used in Europe.
The weight of the hammers is also a "heavy" argument. The materials which make up the body of the machines, coupled with the use of retainers to hold the tools, either screw or latch retainers, allow to cover the broad range of needs of professionals. The ergonomics of the handles is also very appreciated.